Message from the President
Message from the President
“We’re in the business
of creating American jobs,
not exporting them.”
- Bruce H. Bonafiglia, CDT.
BonaDent Dental Laboratories

As a dental technician or a dental professional, making a major decision about the future of your career is extremely important. How important is your career, and how does it relate to your other interests and goals? Family, friends, finances and free time all have to be taken into consideration. For over 60 years, BonaDent has proven that we understand balance and wellness in life. Our lab leaders are well educated and well aware of the adage "take care of your people and they'll take care of the business." Our team has worked very hard to create a sustainable vision and total buy-in from everyone involved.

BonaDent Dental Laboratories has now become a group of labs that are filled with professional Anterior and Complex Case Specialists. Over our long history we've attracted and retained some of the best dental technicians and professionals from across America. If you've ever attended continuing education courses, you've probably seen BonaDent team members participating. We have a strong belief that continuing education both in and out of the lab environment only helps further individual careers and our company's mission.

Take a serious look at the direction of your current employer's leadership. Do they outsource to offshore labs to try to compete at some level? Do they take continuing education seriously? Is your lab owned by a conglomerate that worries more about their bottom line than the long term future of the lab and its employees? Maybe you are a small lab owner that wants to join a team like BonaDent, a team that can help you to finish strong with your career.

If you are ready to make a career move and take control of your future with a proven 60-year-old organization that values their people, then you should contact Human Resources.